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How to smoothly integrate engineers, architects, landscape architects and project managers to successfully build and enhance community infrastructure

15 Mar 2019

In the Local Government Industry, it is often necessary to combine the expertise of a number of Professional disciplines to achieve a building, structure or other community infrastructure.

Often times however these disciplines do not work harmoniously or worse, work in different locations or “silos”.

Learn an Innovative way to get the most out of a working environment that will ensure a sound and cohesive outcome for the community.

By relying on only one discipline to coordinate a multidisciplinary project say like an Aquatic Centre you only get one view of what is possible.

By developing a Collegiate approach, a superior and more well-rounded outcome is achieved that includes the best contribution of all disciplines involved.

This also avoids professional jealousies and infighting which can sometimes occur.

Whether you are planning a major Council administration building project, a new aquatic centre, a sustainable stormwater system or a simple toilet block, learn how to get a innovative result by joining the talents of the professions into a cohesive team all working for you to help you achieve the Communities desires and in a way that involves no infighting and resulting in a project you can be proud of with minimum fuss.


Bill Woodcock, General Manager, Business and Government Services - COMPLETE Urban

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