Accelerated Deterioration of Buildings – Causes and Remediation

15 Mar 2019

Accelerated and premature deterioration of most of the buildings during the first ten years of its life cycle is of major concern to the asset owners. The premature deterioration has resulted in reduced service life of the buildings. Many studies report the main causes of this state of dilapidation as weathering, ageing effect, inappropriate design or lack of maintenance and care. In certain environments corrosion of reinforcing steel is one of the most prevalent deterioration processes. Among other factors, water leak is also considered as one of the main causes for the early inception of corrosion and concrete deterioration in multi storey buildings. There are different causes of reinforced concrete degradation that have different effects on the life of the structure. The resulting varied problems, if remain unattended, can eventually cause larger disasters such as structural failures.

The adoption of high standards for design and construction in new concrete structures has become a major focus today. The construction industry has recently been witnessing ambitious durability specifications to achieve high design life. Despite all this, reinforced concrete structures are always subjected to various durability challenges. Concrete problems and its causes in building structures, should be detected early in order to begin with the remediation process. A proper repair strategy for the restoration of the distressed concrete structure requires an understanding of the actual root cause of problem. This presentation attempts to present review and learnings from the relevant cases to understand the actual causes of deterioration of concrete structures and remediation techniques.


Hamid Khan, National Product Segment Manager - Fosroc - Parchem