Durability Risks and Asset Protection – Innovations in Concrete repair and protection!

14 Mar 2019

Accelerated and premature deterioration of most of the reinforced concrete structures during the initial years of their life cycle is of major concern to the asset owners. The premature deterioration has resulted in reduced service life of the structures. The adoption of high standards for design and construction in new concrete structures has become a major focus today. The construction industry has recently been witnessing ever-increasing expectations for its design life. The presentation highlights the durability risks to structures and the use of innovative high performance durable repair systems during and after the construction phase. The presentation will look at challenges of premature failure of repaired concrete structures despite the improvement in the repair materials and methods. This session will also encompass the importance of defining the requirements of high service life repair and protection materials.


Hamid Khan, National Product Segment Manager - Fosroc - Parchem