Seeing is Believing: The science behind Visualisation

15 Mar 2019

Ever wondered how to deliver traditional asset management practices balanced against community expectations and available funding? A number of our clients were struggling with this very real classic asset management problem.

Assetic prepared asset management scenarios for Transport Canberra & City Services (TCCS) to optimise the investments in playspace assets based on current service provision and future asset utilisation. To add another dimension Assetic partnered with the TCCS GIS Team to visualise the asset management options and service planning impacts in Esri ArcGIS, combining suburban demographics with predicted asset performance in a shared view.

Through collaboration, TCCS and Assetic have enabled a customer service perspective to be taken when defining the asset management strategies for the playspace assets portfolio across Canberra. This case study establishes the connection between service planning and asset planning by optimising asset investments over time to maximise customer service outcomes. Visualising the relationship between these two processes enables asset managers to tell the infrastructure story, irrespective of stakeholders’ asset management knowledge. Simply put, it made asset management easy enough for the community and decision makers to understand.

The presentation will cover aspects of visualising long-term financial planning with sustainable asset management service delivery by discussing genuine case studies around how to deliver best-practice asset management balanced against community expectations and available funding.




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