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Sydney Build 2024

How Does It Work?

CPD points are available at Sydney Build for all attendees. See below for details on how to claim these.

Informal CPD Points: This represents your attendance at the exhibition and attending short talks and/or networking.

How to Claim:

    At the event: To claim your Informal CPD Certificate please see the InHouseGroup3 team at booth F23 and scan the QR code

    After the event: To claim after the event please email: 


Info:  There are representatives from InHouseGroup who will be checking to see that you have attended the session. Once the session is over, you must get your registration badge scanned with the representative.

You will be notified once your points have been registered, however, this process takes some time. We kindly thank you for your patience during this period.

What are Informal CPD Points?

Informal CPD points come from practicing an activity that is already undertaken in the normal course of practice or employment and doesn't require any further assessment.

These points can be attained through the following ways:

- notes and professional magazines
- talks and presentations
- visits to buildings and exhibitions
- conferences
- involvement in mentoring programs
- participation in professional committees and advisory groups


CPD Accreditation - Informal 



InHouse Group Sydney Build




Sydney Build Expo will provide for attendees over 300+ presentations taking place across 20 summits on 8 stages. There is ample opportunity to get your informal CPD points at Sydney Build Expo. 

We would like to thank our Construction CPD Accreditation Partner InhouseGroup3 for once again helping arrange accreditation for attendees with informal CPD points. The full details of the accreditation for each session will be released as we get closer to the expo.

To attend any of the sessions, make sure you register yourself for a free ticket and attend the full session. There will be an accreditation representative who will collect your information and help you process the points. You will then be contacted after the show to help arrange your CPD points.


About InHouseGroup3

At InHouseGroup3, we follow a simple philosophy: to focus on excellence in delivering high quality services for the design and building industry, based on strong and authentic relationships. This philosophy is augmented by our three branches of services: CPD – Events, On-Site Presentations and Workshops.

We aim to facilitate the connection and communication of people in the building and design industry by offering a full suite of high quality services and providing Continuous Professional Development services to architects, designers and builders.

Continuing our efforts to strengthen the collaboration between professionals in the design and building industry, as of January 2018, InHouseGroup3 plans to launch The Architectural Marketplace. The Architectural Marketplace provides a platform for professionals to showcase their products/services to their specific target audience, to further build lasting relationships with architects, designers, and builders while expanding our market possibilities throughout Australia.

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