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Flexible Concrete Matting Solutions


Earthlok is a revolutionary erosion control technology new to the Australian market, which is manufactured in Melbourne.


Earthlok delivers permanent hard armour protection from water, wind and rain erosion with an attractive and eco-friendly vegetated appearance. Earthlok can be used in many different project applications including open drains, waterways, embankments, around culverts, temporary roadways etc – the solution is very cost effective and time saving when comparing to rip rap, rock beaching, poured concrete or other alternatives.


In similar projects we can assist by:


- Permanently eliminating erosion

- Offering a durable solution that can be driven and mowed over

- Low installation cost

- Quick and easy installation

- Eco-friendly solution

- Reduced carbon footprint. 1 truckload of Earthlok = 20 truckloads of rock

- Packaged in rolls 

- Available in colours to suit the surrounding environment



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