Liaoning Jiazhong Lvjian Assembly Group Technology Co., Ltd.

Hall: Sydney Build Expo Stand: 204

Liaoning Jiazhong Lvjian Assembly Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a group company integrating research and development, production, installation, sales, import and export trade of new equipment and building materials. As a new type of building structure, the light steel structure housing developed by our company has transformed the house from the "construction" at site into a modern intelligent industrial product manufactured by the factory, effectively improving the quality of assembly and construction, and at the same time, it has the characteristics of energy saving, emission reduction, high earthquake resistance, high fire resistance, super corrosion resistance, flexible and efficient installation, etc. The one-stop service from design and production to installation and maintenance is suitable for low-rise residential buildings, dormitories, villas, farmhouses, barracks, small buildings, small commercial buildings, roofs of large buildings, floors and small town reconstruction. It is the future development direction of the construction industry.


Room 1107,Qixing mansion ,Hunnan District
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