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  • What is TripStop? is a unique jointing system used in concrete paving that stops slab displacement.

  • TripStop is a rigid PVC profile that simultaneously separates and joins concrete slabs to form a modular joint system that transfers load.
  • Slabs treated with TripStop accommodate substantial Tree Root Invasion or Soil Movement without creating trip hazards and costly maintenance requirements.
  • Why Use TripStop?

  • Smart Australian Councils, Engineers and the Private sector use TripStop to create maintenance free footpaths.

    • TripStop turns an ever increasing maintenance and replacement backlog into an ever decreasing one.
    • Use TripStop in all new and replacement footpaths to eliminate all future maintenance and replacement caused by Tree Root Invasion or Soil Movement.
    • Why Councils and the Private Sector use TripStop


      • Eliminate Costly Maintenance
      • Eliminate Trip Hazards
      • Eliminate Grinding & Ramping
      • No Interruption to Services
      • Reduced Legal Costs
      • Reduced CO2 Footprint






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