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Sydney Build 2024

05 Jan 2018

New wave pool at Sydney Olympic Park

New wave pool at Sydney Olympic Park
We will soon be witnessing a huge migration from the busy beaches of sydney to the brand new wave pool situated 25km from sydney olympic park's coast. According to NSW Sports Minister Stuart Ayres; the new $24 million wave pool which will be built over the current P5 car park in close proximity to the ANZ Stadium will rival Sydney's beaches. Forget about Bondi or Manly; you can come straight here to Sydney Olympic Park and get the best waves you'll find anywhere; Mr Ayres states. Sydney Olympic Park is a thriving business; entertainment and sporting precinct. It's already a hive of activity; from the skate parks to mountain cross; we can now throw surfing into the mix. Wave Park Group has recently announced that it has been chosen as the main exponent of the project at Sydney Olympic Park; which will cover over 3.2 hectares. The wave pool will be named Urbn Surf. In addition to the lagoon; there will be a shop; cafe; restaurant and bar; as well as changing rooms; first aid and lifeguard rooms. Moreover; a surf academy will provide visitors with teaching and training equipment. Wavegarden wave generating technology will create authentic surfing waves ranging from 1.7 to 0.6 metres high. As such; both novice and seasoned surfers will be able to practice without travelling to the beach. The best part about the Wavegarden technology is that it can cater for everyone across a range of surfing abilities from those just learning; right through to elite athletes and their high performance training needs; explained Andrew Ross; Wave Park Group founder and executive chairman. Waves will range from up to 1.7m high; pitching waves; that are designed for the highest levels of performance surfing; down to 0.6m high; rolling white-water waves; which are ideal for beginner surfers. The lagoon will be able to accommodate up to 80 riders at a time; catering to both beginners and experienced surfers. Waves will form cleanly and break with constant power and shape throughout the ride; which will be the equivalent to riding high-quality; ocean-based waves of similar sizes. Sydney's 200;000 plus surfers will have another option available to them; day and night; year round; within a short distance of the Sydney CBD; Mr Ross said. Construction activities are projected to begin in mid-2018 and UrbnSurf Sydney will open to its first surfers in mid to late 2019.