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08 Sep 2017

Uber Introduces FLYING vehicle

Uber Introduces FLYING vehicle
NSW state government and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) supported the potential move by Uber to trial flying vehicles in Sydney in 2023. The pace of technology innovation and the use of big data that is driving improvements in our transport infrastructure and services gives us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the way we plan and deliver future transport services for NSW; a government spokesman said. The NSW government is currently developing their Future Transport Strategy. In an interview with Australian Financial Review; they expressed interest in considering futuristic proposals as part of the strategy. Driverless cars; transport powered by renewable energy; drones and 'on demand' transport will influence how we plan for our future needs; The opportunities ahead include building on and planning traditional services and infrastructure; and being ready for new technologies that are likely to change the way we travel... Over the next 20 to 40 years we need to ensure our cities are better places to live; work and visit. The NSW government spokesperson said. Despite the support of the emerging aviation technology; CASA raised their concern over the regulation issues; such as the qualification of the pilot; whether they would fly in controlled or uncontrolled airspace; etc. These questions should be answered before the project goes ahead. The aviation safety body is also reserved on whether the flying vehicle would be compatible with other aircraft with less advanced technology standard. Naturally; any new technology must meet relevant and acceptable safety standards covering the design and construction of the aircraft; pilot training; operations and access to airspace the CASA spokesperson said. CASA has previously been in touch with a New Zealand entrepreneur about jet pack trials in the country.