Jamie Zois

Jamie Zois

Inhouse Technologies: Digital Imaging Specialist, Orion Print Management

Jamie Zois has been at the leading edge of technological change in the imaging industry since his entry into the industry fifteen years ago, fresh out of his electrical engineering roots. Having been exposed to the rapidly evolving wave of hardware and software integration technologies, he has spent his career educating and deploying a wide range of integrated solutions.

He has spent the last five years heavily entrenched is successfully deploying solutions primarily to government and multi-national clients wishing to realise the efficiencies that can be achieved in business automation.

Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth with an understanding of what a business processes are Jamie has been the primary systems architect for digitisation initiatives for organisations such as, The Family Courts, The governor general’s office, The Shared Services Centre and TNT.

Jamie has recently been championing digital innovation through document management and digitisation for Inhouse Technologies who hold a Sole Distributor Agreement with DOKMEE.