Kathryn Bunn

Kathryn Bunn

Founder & Project Director, Superfuture Projects

Kathryn is a built environment consultant and advisor with 20 (+) years’ experience in strategic communication and urban policy; community consultation and stakeholder management; architecture, urban design and development management. Working experience across a broad range of government, commercial and NGO sectors including urban governance and policy, commercial, residential, large civic infrastructure, sustainable community development projects and the global aid and development assistance sector. Between 2010 and 2016 Kathryn was the project lead working with on the design and delivery of multiple COAG funded ‘Closing the Gap’ infrastructure projects for the NSW Government. 


SUPERFUTURE PROJECTS is a social enterprise working with cities, communities and organisations, to individually and collectively, achieve greater social impact. Our approach is founded on the belief that corporations and government through collaboration and innovation can drive sustainable improvement in the world and create shared value by using their core capabilities in ways that contribute to both social progress and economic success. Our project teams work across all sectors by partnering with communities, corporations, foundations, non-profits, and governments providing a foundation for our partners to collaboratively identify projects and quantify the impact of their interventions. Driving economic success and creating shared value is a model in which a corporation leverages all of its assets to make a social impact, it’s not only a responsibility but also an opportunity to rethink the way we do business and drive sustainable economic growth. SUPERFUTURE PROJECTS and our suite of interactive technology projects provide a collaborative project system, that develops and implements the social impact plan into specific projects that extend beyond a company’s core business to develop and deliver social innovation and business improvement in the built environment and in the cities and communities within which you do business.




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