Mick  Caddey

Mick Caddey

Project Director, Frasers Property Australia

Mick graduated as a Civil Engineer having also worked part-time as a cadet in Sydney Water for 7 years. Mick joined Lend Lease in 1985 in the construction division, and then proceeded through a standard (at that time) career path spending about 8 years on site, through into design management roles, business development and then eventually into the Managing Director role of Civil & Civic Australia for a number of years in the late 1990s (then the design and construction business within Lend Lease).

Lend Lease was expanding globally and Mick then moved to Singapore for 4 years, managing the design and construction business of Lend Lease in Asia, operating out of 7 countries and cultures, initially with a staff of over 500. During the early period of his time in Asia, Lend Lease acquired Bovis, and the Asian staff and office numbers doubled, and Mick was responsible for the integration of the two businesses into a single operation.

On returning to Australia in 2003 Mick became a partner in Citta, a private development business who were involved in a number of major join venture projects such as the Commonwealth Games Village with Australand. With a lot of regret, Mick left this business in the late 2000’s following the GFC.

For the last 7 years, Mick has been the Project Director a Central Park where he has combined his business and project skills into managing all aspects of the $2 billion mixed-use development in Sydney.

Mick summarises the greatest enjoyment in his career being the projects he has been involved with and the people he has worked with and met in the industry.