Richard Salman

Richard Salman

Architect & Director, 2RKS Architecture + Design

Richard is a qualified architect in NSW since 1992. Originally from NYC, he has developed a versatile career spanning 4 decades in architecture, interior design, project management, inventing and lecturing. Richard holds 2 commercial patents and has designed projects in the USA, Europe, China and Australia. He enjoys a design challenge of any kind and draws upon his experiences and knowledge gained throughout his career.

Having designed his first passive solar house in Las Vegas in 1989, Mr Salman embraces design and innovation with concept and meaning. To design in consideration of long term use and operating costs in buildings and interiors adds another dimension to projects by adding value, ROI and long term investment strategies. This has proved especially true in todays’ Sydney market where people are residing in their greatest investment - their homes.

In academia, Richard has written courses and lectured at Parsons School of Design in NYC from 1995 to 2000 and at Laureate Universities Australia in Ultimo since 2014. Adding to his portfolio of industry experience, Richard seeks to help educate the next generation of building and design
professionals in Australia with creativity and vision.

Richard is also a tutor of Design Technologies at Sydney University School of Architecture




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