Rodd Perey

Rodd Perey

Principal, Architectus
Rodd Perey is a Principal of Architectus; and the Group Design Technology Manager. In this role he has implemented a comprehensive system of standards; customisation; QA methodologies and documentation and modelling techniques. Rodd has driven the change to a Building Information Modelling (BIM) culture; whereby project teams concurrently develop the design with live feedback from the building model. This allows Architectus to document and present our designs in new ways; and to share two-way; connected digital information with our partners; enabling new modes of collaboration and design optimisation. As a senior architect; Rodd maintains his involvement as a project team leader. With extensive on-site coordination and superintendence experience; he brings a practical approach to the design and detailing; an a thoroughness in managing projects. Rodd’s understanding of BIM technology has established him as a leader in the field. He has been an invited speaker; nationally and internationally; for his insights into BIM and project delivery; and for many years was a committee member for the Revit Technology Conference. More recently he has spoken on the emerging opportunities for improved building performance through the adoption of building automation and the integration of these emerging technologies with BIM.


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