Ross  Reekie

Ross Reekie

Founder, RISE

Ross Reekie is the Founder of Rise, researchers and consultants in meaning and happiness at work. Our mission is to make work awesome for everyone by: 

1. Inspiring and giving confidence to people to find their own meaning at work   

2. Helping businesses lead with meaning and create the environments for a happy workforce. 

Through 16 years’ experience in consulting in workplaces across Australia, his academic research and personal experience, he has discovered that if meaningful work is at the centre of what we do, success follows. Interestingly, this works for businesses too. The “happiest” places to work are also the most productive, creative, and profitable. In his academic research he has developed a practical and accessible framework,‘bubbles of meaning’,to simplify the complex topic of meaning at work. He has also identified the organisational levers that bring it to life in a business context. He regularly speaks at leadership events, industry forums, and has talked on many local and international radio shows. He also hosts a podcast interview series “the meaning of work” exploring the topic through inspiring stories.