Tamika Smith

Tamika Smith

Executive Director - Top 100 Women and Director - TSR Property Solutions

Tamika started in Construction at just 19 years of age and soon rose to the top of Australia’s largest residential builder before starting TSR.
In establishing TSR, within a 12 Month period the business had reached over $10,000,000 in sales without a website or any marketing. And yet already, TSR was managing Federal & State funded Affordable Housing projects.
As a result of TSR’s success, Tamika was awarded Young Business Woman of the year and soon, attention to her Entrepreneurial spirit grew.

“I set out to start a business that would alleviate the heartache I was seeing in the knowledge being held by few, whilst consumers were crippling. Therefore I developed a full-service solution to better facilitate an end to end process in residential development.”

From the obstacles incurred first hand in being a part of the minority within the sector, Tamika began an initiative in her spare time, the #Top100Women.
The intention was to recognise and highlight women within Construction and Development to establish the following:

  • A demonstrated path that had been walked and was achievable
  • Allow women within the sector a voice, a platform to be heard
  • Empower Women not only inviting those outside the sector, but also acknowledging the many that intentionally fly under the radar within our workforces today

Within a matter of weeks, the initiative went Global and after a successful 12 Months, Tamika formed a board of directors to scale the initiative further.

Whilst some people follow a straight line, it is evident Tamika’s journey was anything but. However, her ideas, adaptability, and ability to connect with people created a following of over 3300 in her community, her blogs reaching up to 180,000.
A true Entrepreneur that was often underestimated, Tamika built solutions to well-known problems that those inside the box could never envision changing.