Troy  Chapman

Troy Chapman

Contracts (Commercial) Manager, Westconnex NewM5 (CPB Contractors)

Troy Chapman is a contracts (commercial) manager with national and international experience in commercial management, project management, quality assurance systems, warranty management and engineering.

After graduating with degrees in mechatronic engineering and science, he has had an extensive career working with major projects from companies throughout the United Kingdom and Australia in a variety of industries such as utilities, rail, and civil construction, and is currently part of the Australia largest tunnel project, working for WestconnexNewM5 delivery team. With this experience, along with his Master of Project Leadership, he has developed and has acquired extensive knowledge in a range of skills such as project innovation, sustainably & intelligence, project management, complex project leadership and disaster management.

Chapman has a real passion for projects and contracts, including how to form contracts and resolve disputes. Chapman uses his expertise to help companies understand the importance of contract formation, project management, and dispute resolution.