Amer Hijazi

Amer Hijazi

PhD. Research Candidate, Centre for Smart Modern Construction | Western Sydney University

WSUAmer is a researcher at Centre for Smart Modern Construction, Western Sydney University and he is working on a methodology for integrating BIM and Blockchain to enable a trustable construction supply chain. He has presented his research at several international conferences in Sydney, Hong Kong, and the MENA region and introduced Blockchain as a game-changer, on a path to disrupt many aspects of a business that deals with the coordination of information and trust. His publications regarding Blockchain adoption in the construction supply chain and its potential applications for facilities management in relevance to a ‘single source of truth model’ has been well accepted in the global research community. Amer aced the ‘Blockchain Strategy Program’ offered by Oxford University and that enhanced his understanding of the tremendous potential for Blockchain in the construction sector. Before embarking on his doctoral research journey, Amer had a long-standing association with the industry and academia alike with a decade of experience as a BIM consultant for making the BIM business case and establishing the BIM roadmap in planning and implementation in the United Kingdom and the MENA region. Amer completed his Master’s at UWE Bristol in BIM, Design Construction and Operation and worked within a research network to prepare a framework for the research agenda for Digital Built Britain at the University of Cambridge. Amer also is an entrepreneur as he officially registered his company with the UK Companies House and worked as a BIM and digital transformation consultant to several companies in England and MENA region. Currently, he is engaging undergraduate and postgraduate students in several BIM-related curricula to enable BIM for education at Western Sydney University.



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