David Montgomery

David Montgomery

Founder and Director , WatchWell

With over two decades of experience across the construction sector and a national industry leading multi-million-dollar business behind him, David has proven success of understanding human capital above all other resources and harnessing the people power which can be applied to the attainment of organisational objectives and value. David is a man who understands better than most the imperativeness of growth, particularly in respect of increasing organizational value through the positive collaborative approach to Mental Health support in the workplace. He has a strong passion for business strategy, filling the gaps and finding opportunities that complement the business skillset. Since WatchWell began David has helped other business owners, managers and entrepreneurs scale their enterprises by instilling trust & confidence in each other their teams, so jointly and severally, lock in on targets and objectives with unwavering commitment, and collectively strive for better performance by supporting the team staying focussed on togetherness & respect.

Watchwell is the embodiment of David’s philosophy and proven people management strategy. He provides his proven approach transforming performance, elevating the worth of those within the organisations to whom he consults. The better, safer, more valued we feel as employees, the better the performance, ultimately delivering the strongest performance.



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