Nathan Hildebrandt

Nathan Hildebrandt

Owner, Skewed

skewedNathan was told in his second year of Architecture school that his hand drawing was poor and that he needed to find a new way to present his ideas. He went away and taught himself ARCHICAD. Today he is considered one of the best users of ARCHICAD in the world. His philosophy is quite simple, when presented with a problem or a challenge he will find a way to overcome it and deliver an outcome that is superior to where he was before. He is skilled in learning new technologies and understanding quickly whether they can be applied in business to improve effectiveness and efficiencies of day to day operations.


Nathan is highly driven and motivated to succeed. Primarily his focus is on client satisfaction. He achieves this through learning and understanding their key needs and working within budget constraints with his project team to deliver successful projects. His demonstrated achievements lead to him being offered an ownership position at Fulton Trotter Architects and the long-standing relationships he has maintained with clients with some that have lasted over 10 years. Having left Fulton Trotter Architects Nathan now provides Architectural, Digital Services and Training through his business Skewed.




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