Valentino Gareri

Valentino Gareri

Founder Architect, Valentino Gareri Atelier

VGA Sydney Build Speaker LogoValentino Gareri is an architect with a senior experience in the industry known for his ability to successfully integrate ideas from a great variety of fields into his work. 
He is a prominent and distinguished architectural designer who is highly regarded among experts in the field. 
Valentino has worked on numerous distinguished design projects throughout the world and these projects have been widely covered in architectural publications and the wider international press.

Born in Italy, Valentino graduated with honors in 2010 at IUAV - University of Venice, studying Sustainable Architecture, and became registered Architect in 2011. His thesis degree has been published in the Fassa Bortolo Award 2012 edited by University of Architecture of Ferrara. For his studies on sustainable design, he received several international awards, such as the Sustainable Architecture Award - Fassa Bortolo 2012 and the SAIE Selection 2011 Award.

In the 2019 the European Commission awarded him with the European Sustainable Award as part of the team Workshop Reconstruction - MCA.
Valentino Gareri has been Assistant Professor of Architectural Design in 2012 and 2013 at the University of Parma, Italy.

Today based in New York, during his career, Valentino had the opportunity to work with prestigious international practices, such as Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Mario Cucinella Architects and BIG - Bjarke Ingles Group.

He is also Founder of Valentino Gareri Atelier (based in Sydney) and the promoter of the mindset approach 'DREAMING IS MORE', encouraging artists and architects to inspire people to dream for a better world. 
'Dreaming is more' is an encouragement to every person to find their inner talent, to feed it, and use it to change the world. 

'Architects have the responsibility to give a big contribution to make our planet a better place where we can live in today, and the best home for the new generations tomorrow.' 
(Valentino Gareri)


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