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Plants on Buildings: Paradigm Shift or Green Bling?

14 Mar 2019
Sustainability Summit
An insight into the barriers & benefits of 'Building Integrated Vegetation' BIV systems or 'Plants on Buildings'
  • Rapid urban population increases; significant GHG emissions from the built environment; forecasts of higher urban temperatures and rainfall due to climate variability. One solution towards mitigating these impacts on the quality of urban liveability is more urban vegetation, such as living architecture with green roofs & vertical gardens; urban forests; urban canopy trees & more green spaces.
  • An overview of inspirational case studies projects that have received international acclaim due to ambitious explorations and hybridisations of both landscape and architectural design or ECOTECTURE
  • An insight into how commercial social - retail planning; positive government policy and supportive incentives have initiated a paradigm shift towards an urban green transition with more green space; TBL benefits for the real estate industry, design - construction industry and the improved wellbeing for urban populations via biophilic design.


Matt Dillon, President - Green Roofs Australasia

What the Australian construction industry is saying about Sydney Build...

  • The Perfect Hire team and I thought the expo was fantastic. There was a great mix of people walking through looking at the exhibitions and we have gained a lot of quality leads due to this. We did not hesitate to sign up for the following year when approached to do so.
    Perfect Hire
  • This expo has 100 percent given us very goods leads we could follow up on. This is the best form of marketing we’ve done so far. We’ve been able to connect with leads that are usually very difficult to get in contact with. We’re definitely coming back next year.
    High Exposure
  • The show has a good variety of content including conference, summit and the exhibition itself. We got some quality leads as well. We will definitely come again next year.
  • I just wanted to say to you and the team, great job on an excellent event. I'd been in years before and this one was by far the best. You had great traffic. I was actually surprised. I'm definitely interested in a bigger speaking role next year and I'll likely exhibit.
    Tradie Web Guys
  • We got some quality leads. The show is managed by very nice organizers. We enjoyed the content and environment of the show a lot.
    Regupol Australia Pty Ltd
  • The show is excellent for the business. There’s lots of good quality people to do business with. This is also the best show we’ve ever been to.
    EZY Profile Systems

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