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Australian Hemp Masonry

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Australian Hemp Masonry

Australian Hemp Masonry has been working in the hemp construction industry in Australia since 1999.

Australian Hemp Masonry binder is the first Australian BCA compliant Hemp-lime building material available for the construction of energy efficient non-loadbearing walls.

Combined with Hemp Hurd, sand and water in the prescribed proportions, AHM Binder creates a light, durable, high quality, highly energy efficient, carbon neutral Hemp lime building material with excellent flexural strength.

Suitable for non-combustible, breathable, thermally efficient exterior and interior walls in new single and multi-storey residential or commercial buildings, renovations and in retrofitting projects where improved energy efficiency is the goal.

A lighter mix is used for roofing and subfloor insulation and as insulation for suspended floors. The material has high vapour permeability, high elasticity and flexibility and it is an excellent insulator.

The AHM Hemp lime Render was formulated to reflect the breathability of the AHM Walling material. It is also an excellent Render for other natural building materials, or on conventional masonry or brickwork.

We have a strong technical advisory board and work with architects and building designers, supply materials and deliver training to builders in all states of Australia.

AHM has supplied to over 250 residential hempcrete projects across Australia in varied and often extreme climates as well as to 3 residential projects in New Zealand.

Several of the Australian projects have won energy efficiency and sustainable design awards. We have also supplied materials for a number of quite varied commercial projects in Australia as well as in Singapore, including most recently for the construction of 3 hemp buildings in Mildura Council's Powerhouse Project Development in Victoria.

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