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Poly Water Tanks

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Poly Water Tanks

Poly Water Tanks is a manufacturer of polyethylene rainwater tanks suited to residential, rural and commercial use. Our tank design and production processes ensure that we output strong and durable tanks - we've NEVER HAD A TANK SPLIT! We believe so strongly in the quality of our tanks that they're backed by a full 15-year repair or replacement warranty -  not the pro-rata warranty that diminishes over the period of ownership commonly offered by our competitors.


Offering modular slimline tanks in a range of sizes and shapes to conform to BASIX requirements and fit just about any site, we deliver to your door. Our underground tanks are perfect for multi-dwelling developments where space is at a premium and our under-deck tanks make use of void areas and keep the tank out of sight. We also supply a range of pumps with optional rain to mains-water switch to meet your council requirements with a full package solution.


When space is plentiful, our large round tanks give the best value per litre of storage. With a SMART top design for added roof strength, we don’t need to add internal supporting poles that could potentially punch through the top. Manufactured with food-grade, UV-stabilised polyethylene powder, our tanks are suitable for potable drinking water.


From as small as 500 litres up to 25,000 litres, we’ve got your tank needs covered with delivery throughout NSW and ACT and some areas of Victoria and South-East Queensland.

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  • 15 Year Warranty

    31 May 2023 Poly Water Tanks
    We offer a FULL 15-year repair or replacement warranty for our tanks, whereas many of our competitors offer a pro-rata warranty that reduces as time passes.
  • Poly Water Tasks Corporate Video

    30 Sep 2023 Poly Water Tanks
    Welcome to Poly Water Tanks. As a manufacturer of exceptional quality polyethylene rainwater tanks on the NSW Central Coast of Australia, we've never had a tank split!  
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