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WAM Australia Pty Ltd

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WAM Australia Pty Ltd

The Italian WAMGROUP, worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing equipment and plant components for bulk solids handling and processing as well as solids-liquid separation in wastewater treatment and animal farming, has been represented in Australia by its own subsidiary since 1997. WAM Australia is responsible for distribution of the WAMGROUP product range in Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, as well as parts of Micronesia.

It is the goal of WAM Australia to provide a vast customer base with attractively priced products in industrial quality, specifically tailored to the different needs of a variety of industries. Customer satisfaction through professional advice, comprehensive service and constant availability backed up by a vast stock of equipment and spare parts are an expectation WAM Australia is ready to fulfil day by day.

WAM Australia's premises in Dandenong, Victoria, on the outskirts of Melbourne, include an extensive warehouse and customer service. Following the acquisition of BulkNet, a renowned manufacturer of heavy-duty components for the mining and minerals processing industries with a long-standing presence in the Australian market, WAM Australia launched its own production in 2023, perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of the domestic market.

Since the late 1990s formal distribution agreements have been in place for the major states of New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland.

In line with our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, WAM Australia prides itself on aligning its operations with the principles of the Circular Economy. We provide specialised solutions aimed at reducing waste and enhancing resource utilisation in Bulk Solids Handling and Processing. Through innovative technologies and conscientious practices, we endeavour to contribute to a more sustainable future. Our emphasis extends beyond product excellence, encompassing eco-conscious approaches that resonate with our customers who are seeking sustainable alternatives within their respective industries.

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