• Australian Concrete Mats erosion control mat was chosen by council as the best all-round short- and long-term hard armour stabilisation and erosion protection of the roadside swale drains.
  •  How can you be sure that you’re choosing the right type of surveillance camera for your site or remote location, and how do you even know which questions you should be asking?
  • Ecoduct Low Profile PVC Duct

    06 Feb 2020 Tom Pausak
  • Weathergroove is the largest panel product available on the Australian market. This vertically grooved cladding is ideal for covering large areas in a short time. It is environmentally friendly, versa ...
  • Kordon Termite System by Bayer

    17 Jan 2020 Daryle Swarz
    Bayer has developed an industry leading solution for termite protection with the Kordon® Termite System used extensively across Australia to protect homes. 
  • Lead Free, Full Flow, Leak Proof

    16 Jan 2020 Rod Luker
    Lead Free, Full Flow, Leak Proof   Can your hot and cold water piping system match the features of the safety system? – see why many installers are now using the polymer piping system from Italian man ...
  • CPD Presentations

    15 Jan 2020 SR
    OLAMCLAD supports Architects 
  • X-RAD is a complete connection system for all types of CLT buildings. The system, which has optimized mechanical, thermal and acoustic characteristics, is made up of 3 elements: X-ONE, X-PLATE and X-S ...

    08 Jan 2020 Rothoblaas
    Rothoblaas’ growth is not about to slow down. The South Tyrolean company continues its development with several extensions to its Cortaccia headquarters, the opening of new subsidiaries worldwide and ...
  • Usable on both wood and cement, with a minimum secondary-beam base of just 50 mm and typical resistances of more than 320 kN, the ALU bracket ensures large load capacities in all its formats and optim ...
  • “We have expanded our already wide variety of screws by including many new features in the range, as well as specific variations of some of our classic screws,” says Michele Dal Ri, Product Manager fo ...
  • Technical physics concepts and durability of wood Wood maintains its hygroscopic nature for a very long time. In fact, many years after being cut it still continues to exchange moisture with the surro ...


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