• Tuesday marked a new historical low for Australian interest rates as Australia’s central bank lowered the cost of borrowing for its second straight month on Tuesday. After conducting a regular policy meeting, The Reserve Bank of Australia announced rates will be cut by another 25 basis points to one percent. 

  • An architect duo at the forefront of a architect-designed social housing movement and community focused projects, an entertainer with a knack for comedy and design, and a sustainability research centre fueling innovation for a greener future were but some of the highlights of those that were recently honoured at this years 2019 2019 National Prizes at the National Architecture Conference in Melbourne.

  • Victoria is expecting to conduct on-road trials of connected and automated vehicle technology. Elaborating further on the matter, Roads Minister of Victoria Jaala Pulford explained that road trials st ...
  • Monday night marked a significant milestone for the City of Sydney after a tram from the Sydney Light rail project made its way down Sydney’s central business district.  Accompanied by a convoy of con ...
  • Tokyo 2020: 17 days, half a million international travelers, and a countless sum of security concerns are but some of the challenges the Tokyo Olympic Games committee are preparing to tackle in prepar ...
  • The construction industry has regularly been cited as one of the world’s most fragmented sectors and has regularly been challenged to improve its efficiency, productivity, and to embrace the opportunities presented by emerging technologies. But how do built environment professionals and the construction industry recognise and capitalise upon the new school of technology such as blockchain and smart contracts?

  • NSW infrastructure budget sores to record highs as state prepares to launch it's largest ever commitment to infrastructure
  • It is with great pleasure that we present the 21st edition ofBuildIT™, the Resource Guide for Builders and Renovators. 
  • Oliver Kinross and ark:media have partnered together to produce the Australian Construction Awards Commemorative Annual.  This colourful, high impact publication celebrates Australia's $134 billion co ...
  • $200m Funding Announced For Sydney Infrastructure & Urben Renewal Projects

    The City of Sydney has recently announced that over the next financial year they will spend in the region of $200m on major infrastructure projects. The main beneficiaries will be projects set in the Green Square neighbourhood along with improvements to the environmental performance of the city as a whole and the Light Rail.

  • vDespite the propsed $100 billion investment by the Federal Government for infrastructure, prominent economists have claimed that Australia should invest more heavily in infrastructure. This claim has lead to the National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) into supporting the cause. The announchement specifically referenced calls for infrastructure investment to be evaluated by an independent agency.
  • The North West Metro, Australia's first fully accessible railway, will open to passengers on Sunday 26th of May 2019. This service will run from Rouse Hill to Chatswood and will be a turn up and go service. The train will run every 4 minutes on peak hours.
  • Looking to streamline and grow Australia's freight network, the Australian Federal Government has outlined a plan which involves efficiently collecting and analysing freight data. Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Michael McCormack backs this initiative claiming that “We know better data makes better decisions and that means jobs and opportunities can flow.”
  • The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has tasked the Productivity Commission to conduct a review into the far-reaching transport reforms, with a focus on the safety and efficiency of the national freight network. The COAG looks to establish a national regulatory system. The transform reform was designed to provide productivity gains for the economy while reducing the compliance burden on the transport industry via cutting fees and duplication of work. The Productivity Commission will look at whether the initiative is actually delivering productivity benefits and safety. The Commission is due to report to Government within twelve months of commencement. It will undertake broad public consultation, and invite public submissions.
  • The economic connection and community connection is at the heart of all effective infrastructure. For Airports, the connection provided is increasingly becoming a part of how we live our lives and how it can support the nation's economic growth. The Australian Airports Association (AAA) conducted a study and found that airports add $34.6 billion in economic activity and $32.3 billion in tourism activity – a huge contribution to our economy. This comes as no shock due to the concentrated efforts by airports to invest to meet the immensely various needs of the millions of passengers they serve every year.
  • Increase in NSW Safety Measures Called for After Death of Apprentice.

    Months before the death of an 18 year old apprentice the NSW workplace safety watchdog served over 100 notices of scaffolding breach.

  • Green cities around the world - 8 ways Australian cities can go green. Global cities are implementing policies to go green. Here are 8 policies Australian cities can follow to help cut emissions

  • The construction market in NSW has been growing significantly over the last couple of years.  Many commentators are now somewhat uncertain about the future of the industry, in particular, the residential market. Will the growth continue? Factoring in potential unstable political situations and amendments to lending, industry leaders are concerned about how all would be impacted

  • If you want to know about some of the cities of the future, you should spend time studying the design of airports. Despite being one of the newest architectural typologies, airports are some of the few structures with the magnitude, intricacy and density to rival cities. At airports, systemic urban conditions are exaggerated, making them fascinating case studies for urban design.

  • After 3 years of construction, Canberra has finally got their own light rail and they are celebrating last Saturday, 20th April with free travel for the whole month for the local community. On this first day of operation, over 25,000 passengers experienced the light rail.  The light rail is now in active service from the 20th onwards.

  • Over $100 Billion Allocated for Infrastructure Construction, Upgrades and Redevelopment

    Over the next ten years the Federal Government has pledged $100 Billion Dollars for infrastructure investment, alongside the state investment the figure increases to well over $100 billion.

    So Where's this money going to be spent? In short: Roads and Rail.

  • As part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan, CPB Contractors of the CIMIC Group company has been selected by the New South Wales Government to complete stage 6 of the Northern Road Upgrade. The contract awarded is expected to bring the company approximately $119 million in revenue.

  • A growing construction sector and a well planned out pipeline of infrastructure and commercial projects will provide protection to Australia should there be any potential regional or global economic slowdown.

  • Notre Dame Architectural Competition. 

    Following the tragic fire at France's iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, it has been announced that an international architectural competition will be run to redesign the roofline.



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