The Building Information Modeling Summit at the BIM Stage will demonstrate beneficial applications of BIM for automating, developing, designing, constructing, and operating buildings and infrastructure.

The topics covered are relevant for developers, designers, general contractors, and trade contractors of industrial, commercial, infrastructure, and residential projects. Knowledge gained from the presentations can be applied in order to improve BIM best practice guidelines and Lean Construction strategies.

Topics & Presentations:

Topics & Presentations:

  • Digital Twin technology.
  • The application of BIM technology in the construction of three-dimensional digital city
  • Effective digital collaboration in the construction industry–A case study of BIM deployment in a hospital construction project
  • BIM and the small construction firm: a critical perspective
  • BIM-based fall hazard identification and prevention in construction safety planning
  • Integrating BIM and health and safety for onsite construction
  • Applying Object-oriented Analysis and Design to Digital Construction Logistics Planning from a Material Flow Perspective
  • Exploring the benefits of structured information with the use of virtual design and construction principles in a BIM life-cycle approach
  • BIM in Prefabrication and Modular Building
  • The 7 dimensions of the BIM methodology
  • Semantic representation of accurate surveys for the cultural heritage: BIM applied to the existing domain



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